• Sanitary & Plumbing

    Our niche area of expertise is in sanitary and plumbing works. We excel in aboveground/underground installation services including potable water, NEWater, rainwater, fire protection and sanitary/sewerage systems.

    We provide advice and consultation, from early planning stages to the construction and installation phases.

    As one of the industry pioneers, we have more than 25 years of experience in handling sanitary and plumbing projects. We keep up to date with the latest innovations and technologies, providing you with services that are current and relevant to today’s needs.

  • Gas Works

    Gas piping is a complicated task, and requires the knowledge and skills of experts who have a complete understanding of :

    • The design of your premises
    • Gas delivery efficiency in different set ups
    • Cost effectiveness in customising the installation

    We will work with our specialist partners and you to customise and tailor approved gas piping installations that meet your needs and requirements.

  • Fire Protection Works

    We are proud to incorporate fire protection works as part of our plumbing expertise.

    We specialise in hydrant, hosereel & dry riser works; providing fire protection planning and safety preparation for any unforeseen circumstances.

Laying of double containment piping for diesel fuel